Maps and Plans

Hotel Plans

These plansGo to Gallery are mostly architect’s plans of proposed hotels, and major and minor alterations and additions to existing hotels submitted for approval to NSW Licensing Courts in the Sydney Metropolitan District (plans had to be submitted along with a liquor license application). The plans usually detail: name of hotel, locality, name of applicant or owner, name of architect, date and scale of plan, type of plan ie., floor plan, section and elevations, site plan, or details of proposed additions or alterations, and date of approval if given. [NRS 9590]

Sydney: Darling Harbour, Port Jackson and The Rocks

A set of maps Go to Gallery of the Darling Harbour and Port Jackson resumptions that were created in response to the Darling Harbour Wharves Resumption Act 1900 “for the purpose of carrying out a system of public wharves and approaches…at Darling Harbour, and the waters at Port Jackson adjacent…”. The maps show a detailed street view of Darling Harbour. The last map in the sequence is a map of The Rocks resumptions; this area was included in the Darling Harbour Wharves Resumption Act 1900. [NRS 19348]