Food preparation and production

Milk – White River of Life, 1946

Milk and its health and nutritional benefits, demonstrated through a domestic science class on milk and milk-based products and their use in cooking.

This film is part of  NRS 4911 Health Education Films – the films cover a wide range of topics, including the structure and functioning of key parts of the body (such as eyes/ears, heart, lungs and circulatory system), pregnancy and birth, baby and child care, adolescent development, infectious diseases and other conditions (e.g. tuberculosis, polio, colds and influenza), dental health, fitness and exercise, nutrition, and dangers inside and outside the home (electricity, snakes, spiders and road safety).

My Handy Kitchen, c.1950-1955

In this film a woman discusses and demonstrates the features of her up-to-date kitchen.

From the record series NRS 18657 Films [Division of Information and Extension Services, Department of Agriculture] (SR Film 416 + 417). These films were produced for, or obtained by, the Department’s Division of Information and Extension Services and cover a wide range of topics of interest  to primary producers.  Subjects covered include pasture production, livestock management and animal nutrition, control of diseases in plants and animals, milking techniques, milk production and processing, farm equipment and general farm management. There are also a number of films covering matters of general interest (short newsreel and ‘magazine’ items).