A Royal National Park, 1879

The establishment of the Royal National Park in 1879 was a first for Australia, and the park was only the second of its kind in the world, after Yellowstone National Park in the United States. It shows remarkable foresight on the part of the Colonial authorities to set aside such a large tract of land so close to the capital city of Sydney.

Source: NRS 10724 Minute books of the Board of Trustees [National Park trust (Royal National Park, Audley)], 1879-1964 [9/2169]. Extract from Minutes of first meeting – numbered pages 1-4


Sir John Robertson briefly explained that
having in view the great progress already
made, under the Liberal Institutions of this
Colony, in population etc ; the more than
probable large increase in population in
the Metropolitan District and of the Colony
generally within the next few years, and
the consequent desirability of securing a
suitable area, as to extent, situation
etc, for the use and enjoyment of the
people of New South Wales, he caused
investigation to be made respecting the
tract of land bordering Port Hacking etc
etc, description was then prepared of the
boundaries of the fine area, (at least
18,000 acres and probably several thousand
additional acres), since dedicated as a
National Park and Notified in the
Supplement to the Government Gazette
of 26th April 1879
Sir John Robertson also stated that
in furtherance of the object now accomplished
he had received valuable assistance
from officers of the Survey & Lands Departments
Proposed by Mr Want
Seconded by Mr Cameron
and unanimously resolved that Sir John
Robertson K.C.M.A. be the Chairman of
the Trust
Proposed by Mr Lucas
Seconded by Mr McCulloch
and unanimously resolved that Mr
W Freeman be appointed Honorary Secretary
Proposed by Mr Want
Seconded by Mr Graham
and unanimously resolved that Mr Walter
Bradley be appointed Treasurer
Proposed by Mr Lucas
Seconded by Mr Want
and resolved that it be a Regulation of
the National Park Trust that cheques must
bear the signatures of the Treasurer and
two other Trustees.
Resolved that future meetings
must be notified by advertisement &
that it be necessary that a circular
be posted to each Trustee at least
Rule altered dispencing with necessity for advt vide minute of

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