Punishment at School

Although punishments at school have changed and corporal punishment is no longer allowed, we can see from the offences that children have not changed. This Punishment Book, from the school attended by Henry Lawson, is one of the earliest surviving examples of this type of record. It should be noted that there are no entries for Henry Lawson in this record, however, his admission to Eurunderee school in 1875 (and his return visit in 1914) is at Item 40.

Source: NRS 3931 Punishment Book Eurunderee, [4/7548]


Name of Pupil Nature of Offence Amount of punishment Date of punishment By whom inflicted
John G Worth Stubbornness in refusing to answer a question when repeatedly asked to do so & refusing to hold out his hand Four strokes
of cane on back
24.10.79 John Tierney
Henry Spencer Staying away
from school without leave (half day)
Four strokes
of cane on hands
10.2.80 John Tierney
George Wright)
John Bacon)
Thos Mason)
Fighting in
Four strokes
of cane on hands
25.10.80 John Tierney
Selina Baker
Bertha Buchholtz
Laughing & talking in school Two strokes
of cane on hands
16.6.81 John Tierney

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