Plans for Central Station, Sydney 1849

This map shows a significant part of Sydney as it was in 1849, prior to the construction of the major railway terminus. There would eventually be three sites accommodating the main railway station.

The map shows the grounds proposed for the Sydney Railway (part of the site of the present Central Railway) in green, with the grounds remaining in the possession of the Crown in yellow. Also depicted on the map are some important buildings and landmarks from the early Colonial era such as the Carter’s Barracks, Benevolent Asylum and the Burial Grounds (the latter off Devonshire Street).
The plan is annotated to the effect that it was transmitted to the Colonial Secretary with the application from the Director of the Sydney Railway Company of 6 December 1849, and shortly thereafter, on 18 December, it was laid before the Executive Council (Minute 49/61 refers). Surveyor General reference SB Vol 5 fol 61 also is noted.

Source: NRS 905 Colonial Secretary: Main series of letters received, 1826-1982 Plan of grounds to be appropriated for Sydney Railway, 1849. The map is an enclosure to CSIL 49/11712 located with CSIL 50/1577 in [4/2887]. SR Map 6408

Annotation at bottom right of plan

To accompany Engineer’s Report
of date November 30th 1849
Transmitted to the Honourable Colonial Secretary
with the application from the Director of the
Sydney Railway Company of 6th December 1939
Charles Cowper

Related information

In November 1849 Charles Cowper  was elected to the board of the Sydney Tramway and Railroad Co., became its chairman and was appointed manager at £600 a year.

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