Kosciusko in Summer

If golf, tennis, horse riding and fishing are activities you enjoy then a summer holiday in Kosciusko is for you! This brochure is part of NRS 16410 – Albums of Travel and Advertising Brochures, 1938-1957. Handwritten on the cover of the booklet is “Prior to January 1938″.
Summer in Kosciusko

List of contents

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Cover – Kosciusko in Summer
Brochure ‘Kosciusko in Summer’. Handwritten at the top of the page is ‘Prior to January 1938’ [View in AI]

The Hotel Kosciusko – Page 1
A brief history how Mt Kosciusko was named after Tadeus Kosciusko. The Hotel opened in the winter of 1909. Photo of Hotel Kosciusko [View in AI]

Summer activities: golf and tennis – Pages 2-3
Golf…the air is pure and invigorating. Tennis…play by day or night. Photos of golf and tennis player. [View in AI]

Summer activities: trail riding – Page 4
Alpine Lakes Riding Trail…some of the magnificent scenery in the Australian continent. Photo of trail riding [View in AI]

The Chalet – Page 5
The Chalet at Charlotte Pass is 6000 ft above sea level, a miniature modern hotel…. Photo of the Chalet. [View in AI]

The flora and The Summit – Pages 6-7
…miles of snow daisies, buttercups, and wild violets…The Summit, 7305 feet above sea level..it should be the aim of every Australian to attain Australia’s greatest altitude. Photos of wild flowers and the Summit [View in AI]

Lakes and Spencer’s Creek – Pages 8-9
Alpine lakes…at an altitude of over 6000 ft.Spencer’s Creek…upper section renowned for the size of its rainbow trout. Photos of Lakes and Spencer’s Creek [View in AI]

Piper’s Creek / Island Bend and Long Corner – Pages 10-11
Piper’s Creek, two and a half miles above Hotel Kosciusko. Island Bend and Long Corner are best visited by hiring pack horses for the day. Photos of Piper’s Creek / Island Bend and Long Corner [View in AI]

The Creel at Thredbo River – Waste Point – Pages 12-13
The Creel …a delightful resort for trout fishermen…Waste Point, or the Cherry Orchard…a delightful fishing spot….camping, swimming, or picnicking. Photos of The Creel and Waste Point [View in AI]

Moonbah River and Yarrangobilly Caves – Pages 14-15
…stated never to fail the fly fishermen. Yarrangobilly Caves…wonderful limestone cave, some of which are electrically illuminated, and a thermal bathing pool with an all-year-round temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Photos of Moonbah River and Yarrangobilly Caves [View in AI]

Cooma and district – Page 16
Cooma, Umaralla, Big Badjas. Photo of Umaralla River [View in AI]

Map of motor road to Kosciusko – Page 17
[View in AI]