Request for a grant of land – from the castrator of government stock

A memorial was a letter asking the Governor to grant a particular request, often (as in this case) for a grant of land.

Richard Haviland is believed to be the only person specifically named in the records as holding the position of Castrator of Government Stock. The document notes that he has served the government faithfully in this role, and is therefore deserving of a grant of land. His request was approved, and he was granted 50 acres.

A close inspection of the memorial reveals that it was almost certainly not actually written by Richard Haviland. The ornate address at the top, the formal wording, and the absence of a signature all indicate that the Memorial was probably written by a professional scribe. Petitioners with limited or no literacy skills often made use of such people when making a formal request to the Government.

Source: NRS 899 Memorials to the Governor, 1810-26. Memorial from Richard Haviland, Castrator of government stock, 1820 [4/1824A, No. 325, p. 249]


No. 325                                      249
To His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie Esqre
Captain General and Governor in Chief
in and over H M Territory of New South Wales
and its Dependencies etc etc etc
Petition of Richard Haviland
Most Humbly
Sheweth,                That Your Excellency’s Petitioner
came to this Colony, per Ship Fortune 1st in 1806,
and in 1812, Your Excellency was pleased to grant
him the indulgence of an Emancipation.
That your Petitioner begs stating for
Your Excellency, he has Castrated the Government
Stock/including the Calves, recently reclaimed from
the Wild Herds, in the Cow Pastures/for the
past four years, to the General Satisfaction of
the Superintendents and Overseers of the Crown
Herds, covering that period.
Your Petitioner trusting in that
discernment which so much marks the
Character of Your Excellency, humbly solicits
the indulgence of a Grant of Land.
And Your Excellency’s Petitioner will ever Pray
This man says that he has been promised
Land by Your Excelly
J. Harris
50 acres

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