Blue Mountains – Happy Days

This booklet is presented as a descriptive guide, and it is intended to
give details of tourist and residential advantages throughout the
Blue Mountains Shire area… (Page 1)

Cover photo of brochure
This travel brochure – dated c.1937-1940 – entices the reader to take a railway trip to the Blue Mountains Shire, for a visit or a holiday. It gives a brief history of the crossing of the Blue Mountains and a ‘tourist synopsis’ of interesting facts and about the towns (including distance from Sydney and height above sea-level and photos). The brochure is part of NRS 16410 – Albums of Travel and Advertising Brochures, 1938-1957

The bottom of each page includes comments and essential travel tips from the Railways such as:

  • Excursion Trains to the Blue Mountains Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Weekly Tickets for Tourists available anywhere Springwood to Mt. Victoria
  • Combination Tickets (train, motor to sights, meals) to Katoomba Any Day
  • The Caves Express is one of the world’s fastest mountain-climbing trains

Browse through the brochure above page-by-page or dip into selected pages and towns of interest below. Links to the images in Archives Investigator (AI) are also included.

List of contents

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