Report from various branches in the Lands Office as to whether records can be reproduced or specimens recovered from the remains of the fire etc


Occupation of Lands Branch

Temporary Offices secured in Gresham St.
Fresh Registers have been opened & with the help of the records
relating to Runs in other Departments and the assistance which
will be afforded by Lessees and their agents as well as by the
appraisers it is believed the principal entries can be
reproduced. The Drafting Staff of the Branch is employed
in making tracings from copies of surveys of Run boundaries
lodged in the Surveyor General’s Office, the whole force of the
staff is engaged upon the work of re-establishing the records

Geological Survey Branch

The Geological Surveyor and his staff are engaged in
the reception and arrangement of minerals for the
Australian Exhibition, and for the formation of a new
collection for the Mining Museum towards which
several valuable contributions have already been secured.
It is hoped many valuable specimens will be saved from
the debris of the Garden Palace.

Diamond Drill Branch

From a survey of the site lately occupied by this
Branch it is thought many of the Drill connections
stored in the Garden Palace will be recovered in a state
fit for use.

Forest Branch

It is thought that sufficient information can be
obtained from other Departments and from the Forest
Rangers to re-establish the records of this
Branch and every exertion is being made
in that direction.

All the Branches except the occupation
Branch are temporarily accommodated
in the old Land Office.

From record series NRS 906 Colonial Secretary: Special Bundles – 1879-82 Garden Palace (applications for space in, report of the Colonial Architect on the fire, newspaper reports of the inquiry into the fire, re records lost in the fire, etc [1/2527.2]