Letter from the Registrar General requesting a space in the Garden Palace for the Census Office, 15 March 1881 (81/1841)

81/1841                                                                Registrar General
15 Mar14 March 1881

For Space in the
Garden Palace for Census

I have the honour
to request that the Hon:
the Colonial Secretary be
invited to approve of
certain space in the Garden
Palace – as agreed to by
myself and one of the
Colonial Architect’s Officials –
being appropriated for the
use of the Compiler and
his staff of Tabulators
of the forthcoming Census,
and that the same may
be fitted up and furnished
with as little delay as

I have the honour to be
Your Most Ob Sert
Registrar General


From record series NRS 906 Colonial Secretary: Special Bundles – 1879-82 Garden Palace (applications for space in, report of the Colonial Architect on the fire, newspaper reports of the inquiry into the fire, re records lost in the fire, etc [1/2527.2]