Carrington Albums – Illuminated Addresses


On 2nd January 2014 State Records NSW received 22 Presentation albums from the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

The Presentation albums were given to Charles Robert Carington* (1843-1928), during his tenure as Governor of New South Wales from 12th December 1885 to 3rd November 1890.

Highlights from Volume 4

Governor of New South Wales

The appointment of Lord Carrington* as Governor of NSW was described by the Sydney Morning Herald on 11th June 1885 as ‘most auspicious’ and the article highlighted

the fact that Lord Carrington is a nobleman, a friend of the Prince of Wales, a cousin of Lord Rosebery, and a personage at Court’ (1).

This ‘most auspicious’ appointment attracted much ceremony in NSW and as a consequence saw the creation of highly decorative illuminated addresses and photograph albums to be officially presented to the Governor.

During his time as Governor of NSW it was said Lord Carrington, aided by his wife, re-established the opulence of Government House and the grandeur of the office of Governor. (2)

Upon conclusion of his time as Governor, Sydney gave Lord and Lady Carrington an unprecedented farewell, with thousands lining the streets and showering their carriage with flowers. In a parting speech, Carrington declared they were

guests who found their welcome at once an adoption, and whose farewell leaves half their hearts behind’. (3)

Highlights from Volume 14

About the albums

The volumes were held in the United Kingdom by the Carington family for many years before being given into the care of High Wycombe Library. Around 10 years ago the volumes were transferred to the county archives at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies in Aylesbury.  Given the significance of the volumes to the state of NSW, the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies last year suggested that the volumes be repatriated to Australia and transferred to State Records NSW. (4)

This series of 13 albums contain illuminated addresses that were presented to Lord Carrington as Governor of New South Wales between 1885 and 1890. All the albums feature tooled leather binding, gilt edged pages, and cloth hinged leaves.
*Please note the Carington family name is spelled with one ‘r’ while the title Lord Carrington is spelt with two ‘r’s.


These albums were digitised by the State Library of NSW.



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