Aborigines Welfare Board – exemption from regulations

The Aborigines Welfare Board controlled many aspects of the lives of Aboriginal people in New South Wales, including housing, education, employment and health. It was possible to apply for exemption from the provisions of the Aborigines Protection Act and associated regulations, and for those deemed to have met the stringent requirements, a ‘certificate of exemption’ could be granted. This might allow applicants to send their children to state public schools; to be able to live in town, rather than on a reserve or mission; and to receive a pension. However, a recipient was no longer eligible to receive any benefit, assistance or relief from the Board, and had to undertake to provide a proper home for himself/herself and his/her family.

Source: NRS17194 Aborigines Welfare Board: Certificates of exemption, 1949- Blank certificate [8/3275.2]

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